How Is Jesus Different from Any Other Messiah?

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In this video, Glen Scrivener explains how Jesus Christ is the sort of God we want to believe.

In the history of human religions, there have been many who have spoken of the gods who come down to planet Earth. But usually, those gods were not particularly nice, and never do those gods come down in space-time human history.

Many people in space-time human history have claimed to be the Messiah, but we haven’t usually taken them very seriously. And even if they have had a following, it has only been short-lived.

But Jesus comes into the middle of human history. He makes extraordinary claims for himself. And he turns out to be different from the squabbling deities of human religion. He turns out to be the kind of God who gives himself for us, and he doesn’t just have a short-lived following. He started the most prominent sociological phenomenon the world has ever seen. The church has grown ever since.

So with Jesus, you have this ideal and unique individual who has come into human history, who has claimed to be from beyond time and space. And he turns out to be the sort of God we want to believe in.