How Does the Gospel Answer What the Buddhist Truly Longs For?

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Matthew’s Genealogy Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

In this video performance from The Gospel Coalition’s ‘Songs of Hope’ Advent concert (which premiered Dec. 6, 2020), Poor Bishop Hooper performs their song “Christ”—a beautiful take on the genealogy of Jesus recorded in Matthew’s Gospel (1:1–17). The song is from Poor Bishop Hooper’s Advent project, Firstborn, which includes music, illustrations, videos, and writing—including a 48-page study on the lineage of Jesus. Why is the genealogy in Matthew’s Gospel important? Here’s what Tim Keller said in a 2016 interview with TGC: Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus does a lot of work. First, it roots Jesus in history. The gospel doesn’t begin...

In this video, Sam Chan explains how Buddhist longings for power and peace are fulfilled in Jesus.

I asked my missionary friends who are in Taiwan about this. And they say that no one is ever truly a high Buddhist. Instead, we have street, folk Buddhism, where people actually look for two things. Power and control in their lives and also, peace and shalom.

Jesus is the only one who can give us power over say, evil spirits, the power to be healed.

And Jesus gives us peace. He doesn’t take away suffering, but he lets us know there is a wisdom, there’s a plan, a purpose, a direction to this universe. And because of that, we can enjoy a peace, our shalom that no one else can enjoy.