The miracles of Christ are expressions of God’s power in the divinity of Christ, testified authoritatively to in the Bible, which signified the coming of that salvation that was associated with the kingdom of God.


Modern, Western society often assumes that the reality of miracles is in tension with the methods of modern science. However, this is a function of modern, naturalistic presuppositions, not necessarily with science itself. The miracles of Christ are exercises of the power of God, which Christ wielded fully in his incarnation as the divine Son. The Bible testifies to these miracles, and the fact that the Bible is historically accurate and divinely authoritative should give us pause before rejecting miracles because they are in tension with current, naturalistic presuppositions. These miracles were apart of God’s larger plan of salvation and testified that the kingdom of God, where God would bring about the climactic and definitive salvation of his people, had come in the person of Jesus, who was both divine Son and promised Messiah.




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