Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry discuss the specifics of how to begin cultivating gospel culture within your church, starting with your leadership.

In this episode:

  • Introduction—best family vacation (0:00)
  • Not every church service needs utility (2:56)
  • Gospel culture is not an optional add-on (4:53)
  • Church culture reflects what we believe (6:46)
  • Does anything go? (9:33)
  • When you don’t have a gospel culture (12:00)
  • Cultivating gospel culture long term (13:56)
  • It starts with the pastor (16:32)
  • Why the team follows the pastor (20:35)
  • Gospel culture in your leadership team (23:41)
  • It’s not “baptized corporate America” (24:43)
  • Honesty and vulnerability in leadership (26:38)
  • Recommended resource: Lead by Paul Tripp (29:18)

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