At TGC’s 2021 Women’s Conference, K. A. Ellis presents a message called, “Whose Story Will You Follow?” from James 1 and 2.

Ellis explains that the Bible is an ancient and true story that God has created for his people. She also speaks of the false stories and idols that we, as humans, are so quick to follow. Ellis, teaching from the Book of James, lays out what it means to choose to follow God’s story, instead of all the other false stories that lead us astray.

The theme she creates is that our “say” should match our “do.” When our words (our say) match our actions (our do), we show the story of the Kingdom of God, but when they do not match, our idols lead us to destruction and dehumanization. Ellis uses James’s words to encourage us to ask which story we are following—God’s true story, or the idols of our hearts.