Every pastor has regrets. David Platt now realizes that, earlier in his pastoral ministry, he unintentionally implied that all serious Christians go into full-time ministry. “In zeal to raise up pastors within the church, in zeal to call out missionaries from the church,” he recalls, “I was implicitly setting up this tier that, ‘If you’re really passionate about Christ and the spread of the gospel, then [go into full-time ministry].’ I would never have put it that way, but I think that’s the way it often came across.”

In this discussion, Carl Ellis (provost’s professor of theology and culture at Reformed Theological Seminary and associate pastor for apologetics at New City Fellowship), Phillip Holmes (director of communications at Reformed Theological Seminary), and Platt (teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church) talk about why we need Christians in a wide variety of vocational spheres—and the effect their work can have for the kingdom.