“Go online for a purpose, go for a reason. Stay online only as long as you need to, and then go offline.” — Brett McCracken

Based on concepts from his book The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World, Brett McCracken teaches on how to become wise in a world that offers too much information, too quickly.

McCracken addresses an issue of today’s generation of quick information—how to develop wisdom amid all that’s being thrown at us online. He shares three things that are making us sick:

1. We have too much information.

2. We receive it too quickly.

3. The information is too focused on the individual (self).

As an antidote to these problems, McCracken forms a “wisdom pyramid” that’s similar to the food pyramid. In each level of the pyramid, he describes how much time we should be spending in relation to the other levels.

For example, most of our time should be spent in the Bible, which is the foundation of the pyramid, and the least amount of time should be spent on social media and the internet, which is the top of the pyramid. Like a healthy diet, The Wisdom Pyramid leads us into better spiritual and physical health.