Al Mohler and Bryan Chapell share their response to a common question they’ve heard throughout their decades in ministry about why God answers certain prayers for healing in this life, but not all. Chapell argues that God always answers prayers for healing, he simply may not answer in the timing that we may be asking.

Chapell references James 5:13-16, which talks about the prayer of faith healing the sick. Chapell highlights how James starts the chapter with a foundation of encouragement for the Christian to be patient in suffering. Chapell goes on to say that God will always heal, and though the healing may not come in this life, he will always heal the Christian perfectly when we are with him in eternity.

Mohler suggests that it is always right to pray for healing. He then says that the entire biblical worldview is that we will be ultimately healed in eternity. Mohler refers to the hymn O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing by Charles Wesley, which says, “And leap, ye lame, for joy,” pointing to the truth that one day, every tear will be wiped away. Mohler closes by reminding us that God is not absent from sickness and suffering. He suggests that if we believe in God, we believe he has been sovereign over everything.

Chapell talks about how his own body has struggled with sickness and asks, “Who has sinned?” Mohler responds with what Jesus says in John 9:3 about the blind man who is healed that it was neither mother or father who sinned, but that the works of God may be shown. The point Jesus is making is that every moment of the blind man’s life has been meaningful because God had a perfect plan.

Chapell ends by saying that when God rescues, that brings God glory. And when there is faith through a time of no earthly rescue but confidence in the eternal rescue, that gives God glory, too.


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