In this episode of TGC Q&A, we kick off a new five-week series titled, “Gen Z’s Questions About Christianity” with Josh Butler, who answers two questions regarding hell and judgment.

He discusses:

  • Reconciling God’s love with eternal judgment (0:00)
  • A broader storyline for hell (1:24)
  • Getting hell wrong (2:55)
  • Reconciling heaven and earth (3:38)
  • Getting the hell out of earth (4:37)
  • Is hell a scare tactic? (6:45)
  • Pruning the branches of the wicked tree (7:27)
  • The impact of sin (9:48)
  • The good news of the gospel (10:40)

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Editors’ note: 

For more of Josh Butler’s reflections on hell, check out TGC’s new book, Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church, where Josh contributed a chapter entitled, “Hell: Skeleton in God’s Closet?” Available now in the TGC Store.