Russell Moore begins the conversation by pointing to Scripture when Jesus washes Peter’s feet. Moore asks Mika Edmondson what he thinks we can learn from Jesus about power and authority as it relates to serving one another inside and outside the church.

Edmondson answers by saying that authority in the church is not exercised in the same way as authority outside the church. He says that one of the conspicuous ways we are to function is by not lording it over one another like the Gentiles do, but looking to Jesus’s example. Jesus shows us this by actually taking the place, not just of a servant, but the lowest servant in that social setting.

Edmondson says leadership must be a kind of servant leadership, a leadership that’s willing to put others’ interests before our own, willing to associate with the lowly and the downtrodden, willing to sacrifice for the good of others.

Moore points out that Jesus leads, but not toward his own interests. Instead, he leads toward Peter’s in this moment of washing his feet. And this act shows how we are to lead—by serving.


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