Sometimes, it surprises new Christians to find that they still struggle with sin. Although we have been united to Christ and justified by his righteousness, as long as we are on this earth, we still have a sinful nature and must daily resist temptation.

In this episode of Let’s Talk, Jackie Hill Perry, Jasmine Holmes, and Melissa Kruger discuss the ongoing struggle against sin in the Christian life. They each confess personal struggles with temptation—and what strategies help them resist. In order to be motivated to fight sin, we have to believe what God says about it. Melissa reflects,

I think fighting sin is an act of belief. It says, you know what? I am limited. I don’t understand how this world works, but God does. He’s the Creator. He made me. He actually knows how I work best. So all of Scripture is saying, “This is how you work best.” . . . What I think I want isn’t actually what’s good for me.

Listen in on their conversation and be renewed in your own determination to fight for holiness as they discuss:

  • Recognizing sin doesn’t go away when you come to faith—you have to fight it (1:52)
  • The fight against sin as a war—being battle-ready (6:25)
  • How Reformed theology may affect the fight against sin (8:45)
  • Understanding the enemy (13:52)
  • How friends help us fight the battle (16:27)
  • Knowing your sins and staying soft-hearted toward them (19:48)
  • The effect of covenant love on repentance (24:15)
  • When fighting sin feels like death (27:28)
  • What to say to people who don’t think they have sins to fight (28:55)
  • Measuring against the correct standard (33:22)
  • Scripture that encourages people to endure in the fight against sin (34:07)
  • One of their favorite things (37:17)

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