When you walk into a church or work your way through its website, you can usually find evidence of whether or not that church has a passion for reaching beyond their own neighborhood, their own city—even their own country—to make disciples among the nations. Surely this passion has to be ignited in a church by the teaching and preaching. And surely it can’t happen if an emphasis on missions is relegated to just a few people in the church or to a certain week of the year.

In this recording of Help Me Teach the Bible in front of a live audience, I asked David Platt—senior pastor-teacher at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C., and founder and president of Radical—to work his way from Genesis to Revelation and demonstrate how a teacher can ignite a passion for world mission from whatever part of the Bible they are teaching.

Essentially, David presented a biblical theology of mission, so I used the opportunity to announce the Biblical Theology Workshops for Women that will be held in 15 cities around the country in fall 2019 and spring 2020. At these workshops, I’ll be training women to do essentially what David does in our conversation—work through every part of the Bible to trace a particular theme. Why is this skill important to biblical literacy? It helps us to connect various parts of the Bible so that we have a firmer grasp on its intended message. As we grow in our understanding of the major themes that run from Genesis to Revelation, and one of those themes arises in the text we are reading, we are better able to interpret it rightly in light of the larger theme.