Welcome to a special edition of Gospelbound and Let’s Talk! Join hosts Collin Hansen and Melissa Kruger as they discuss their favorite recent reads and the top 10 theology stories of 2021. They also preview the year ahead in 2022—and reveal a surprise for 2023. Thank you for listening and encouraging us in this work!

09:20: Deconstruction
14:52: Cultural and historical shape of evangelicalism scrutinized
15:58: The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast
25:31: Vaccines and COVID mandates
31:32: Christian Nationalism and the U.S. Capitol storming
39:15: 2021 Gospelbound highlights
39:35: What’s Next for Our Culture with COVID: Andy Crouch
40:30: How the New Fundamentalisms Divide Us: Morty Schapiro and Saul Morson
41:25: Why Americans Quit Church: Ryan Burge
44:50: TGC Book Awards
46:20: The Bomber Mafia by Malcom Gladwell
49:25: How Christianity Transformed the World by Sharon James
51:46: TGC 2022 Women’s Conference
54:23: TGC 2023 Conference