Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

Preaching is obviously important in church planting. As people gather around the Word, we have the opportunity to evangelize outsiders and edify the saints.

We also have the opportunity in sermons to cast vision, communicate who we are as a church, and foster a particular culture among our faith community. This task is not easy, especially in our day.

Biblical cluelessness abounds, skepticism permeates many of our contexts, gospel clarity is often lacking, and the problems of despair, anxiety, fear, and apathy are always issues to consider. And, of course, idolatry tempts every human heart we address—including our own.

How can we preach in a way that is clear and bold, gracious and gospel-driven, Christ-exalting and community-building, mercy-minded and missions-mobilizing?

How do we preach sermons that truly move people?

On today’s podcast we will talk about this very thing with Yancey Arrington.

You can listen to this episode here.