Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

Church planters care about the gospel going to new and difficult-to-reach places. They long to see the light of Christ penetrate the darkest parts of the world—whether that be just down the road or far away in some remote place among the unreached.

In order to see this happen, church planters need to consider something we call “entrepreneurial aptitude.” Here’s what we mean: Entrepreneurial aptitude is the ability to imagine new ways of engaging cultures so that the unchanging truths of the gospel can be brought to bear on the lives of unbelievers.

People who have entrepreneurial skills will often be great at starting new endeavors and highly innovative; they tend to be strategic visionaries and self-starters. Further, people who are entrepreneurial are able to enlist others to invest in new ventures they start.

But what does this look like? It’s a less straightforward topic than some of the recent things we’ve discussed on the podcast, so it’s worth us unpacking what we mean (and don’t mean) when talk about entrepreneurial aptitude in church planting.

To help us think about this, I’m excited to have Brian Howard with me on the podcast today.

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