Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

One of the reasons church planting is attractive is that it inherently involves something newa new church in a new place with new people. This is a good thing. After all, part of the call of Christ involves taking the gospel to those who’ve never heard it. We need people willing to go where Christ is neither named nor known. 

But there are also many churches in various parts of the world that are dying. Places where Christianity once flourished.

In regions like the UK and Europe, Christianity has been on the decline for decades, which means that many churches are closing their doors, both literally and figuratively. In these circumstances, church planting is desperately needed. But perhaps just as significant a need is church revitalization, or “re-planting.”

Revitalization involves bringing life to dying churches by dealing with the various causes of decline. It can take numerous forms, and the parallels to church planting are many. But what is church revitalization, and why is it important?

To help us consider these things, I’m excited to have Steve Robinson with us on the podcast.

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