“I am the resurrection and the life.”
– Jesus to Martha (John 11:25)

When Martha met Jesus upon entering Bethany after Lazarus’ death, she poured out her heart and grief to Him. Jesus reminded her that Lazarus would rise again, to which Martha acknowledged that her brother would rise again on the Day of Judgment.

Yet this biblical knowledge of the coming resurrection was a poor comfort for Martha, for that day seemed so far away, so many tomorrows ahead. Martha believed in the resurrection of the Last Day, but that was some far-off event, hidden in a mysterious shroud.

Often in our grief, we try to comfort ourselves with the biblical knowledge that there will be a resurrection, that our loved ones aren’t truly gone and that the doctrines of Scripture are true. While we cling to these beliefs that are most definitely true, they may sometimes seem too cold and distant to give us comfort.

Jesus’ reply to Martha rings true for each one of us today. “I am the resurrection and the life!” Christ takes the doctrine, the belief, the knowledge that we have and brings it home to us through faith. He takes the event and connects it to Himself, reminding us that we believe not so much in events as we do in a Person!

Jesus not only gave bread from heaven to the 5000; He is the Bread of Life. When Thomas asked Him the way He was going, He reminded Thomas that He is the Way. Jesus not only provided resurrection for Lazarus; He is the Resurrection!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ and of those who follow Him is much more than just a doctrine or a theological concept. It is a personal reality. Jesus not only gives life; He is the life! Much of what we believe is written down in many important theological statements, but our trust remains in a personal Redeemer – the One who explains and is the foundation of all the theology we hold. May we understand that this life of God that comes from Jesus is the only life that overcomes death – because Jesus is this life.

written by Trevin Wax  © 2007 Kingdom People blog