We normally host the Just Gospel conference every two years, on the odd year. The Just Gospel conference feels like a family reunion where the family is healthy enough to talk joyfully and seriously about anything. You can find video from previous conferences at our website (2017 and 2019).

It usually takes us two years to recover from the fellowship, teaching and work!

But given the country is headed into another national election in 2020 and given the surprising extent of misunderstanding and division in the church in 2016, it seems good and necessary to host a special 2020 conference whose theme is “Pilgrim Politics: Healing Conversations about Christians and Politics.

Here’s the heart behind the conference:

A description from the conference website:

No one saw the 2016 presidential election coming. No one envisioned the effect the election would have on the country—and the church. To some extent, our tribalism has been exposed and perhaps deepened. Unity has become more fragile.

In all likelihood, the church will face the same stark choices and the same potential for misunderstanding, disunity and tribal politics. This time, however, we have an opportunity to approach politics and the election differently. Like Christians. Like the pilgrims and aliens we are in the world.

The goal of Just Gospel 2020 is NOT to engage in partisan rancor or endorse any party’s platform. Or to bind the consciences of attendees to a particular policy prescription. Or to recommend or even comment on any candidate.

The Just Gospel 2020 conference goal is to help Christians think biblically and deeply about being Christians and taking our Christian identity and perspective into our political lives. We hope to aid each other in our discipleship. We hope to model how Christians who differ in secondary or prudential points can nevertheless do so charitably and in a way that preserves both unity and freedom of conscience. We hope to make a difference.

We need and want healing conversations that serve the church in advance of the upcoming political season. Join us!

We invite you to join us as we prepare for the season that lies ahead by thinking together about what it means to be Christians whose hope lies in a world to come and how to reflect that hope in our political engagement.

We’re excited about the assembly of speakers and thinkers who will help us grow in Christ and sharpen our witness, including: David Platt, Russell Moore, Jon Ward, Nicola Menzie, Jenny Yang, Garrett Kell, Darryl Williamson, Justin Giboney, Andy Naselli, Esau McCaulley, Gracy Olmstead, Mark Vroegop, Vincent Bacote, Kelly Kapic, and Roland Warren!

Here’s a taste of what we hope to hear and think about together:

Join us for Just Gospel 2020: Pilgrim Politics: Healing Conversations about Christians and Politics on March 5 to 7, 2020, in Alexandria, Virginia. We would love to grow in Christ with you and be sharpened together! Register now at the extra early rate of $119 until October 31, when it increases to $159. Save $40!

Join us for the conference, then spend the weekend touring and enjoying the sites and amenities of the nation’s capital! Worship with local churches and make a weekend of it!