You may have seen that I’ve started a podcast with my good friends Justin Taylor and Collin Hansen. The podcast is called Life and Books and Everything, and in it we talk about everything from coronavirus to pop culture, from food to football, from theology to history, and from Mother’s Day to growing up in the Midwest—but in every episode we spend time talking about books (and also laughing).

For now, the podcast can be found through Christ Covenant’s online channels. You can access Episode 4 through the church website or through Apple Podcasts.

Episode 4 begins with the airing of grievances as we discuss little things that bother us (and speculate about the little things about us that bother other people). We then discuss the perils and pitfalls of social media and how the medium shapes our message. When we come to books, we talk about the books we intentionally re-read and offer book recommendations for preaching and for pastoral ministry. All in all, a good time was had by, well, the three of us.

Previous episodes:

  • Episode 1 topics covered include introduction of co-hosts, perspective on the ever-changing coronavirus, the death of expertise, planning in a pandemic, what we hope COVID-19 will change, current reads, forthcoming Crossway titles.
  • Episode 2 topics covered include Michael Jordan and The Last Dance, interpreting God’s providence in global events, authors widely quoted but we rarely or never read, favorite novels, and why we love Pizza Ranch.
  • Episode 3 topics covered include Mother’s Day, Star Wars, infertility, regional differences, how churches can re-open, and how we find time to read and retain.
  • Episode 5 covered an airing of gratitude, conspiracy theories, parallels between COVID-19 and 2004, expertise and authority, our favorite biographies, and which biographies we’d like to write.