As many know, one of the “divides” within Reformed evangelicalism today is how to think about cultural engagement. By “divide” I don’t necessarily mean a split or a divisive spirit, but rather a difference of perspective and focus.

As we continue to discuss and debate these important matters, it’s important that our engagement be filled with love, honor, humility, and good thinking.

I thought Joe Thorn provided an excellent model for us with this brief post responding to Thabiti’s address:

We had 20 or so people from Redeemer [Fellowship Church in St. Charles, IL] attend Together for the Gospel 2010 this week and had a great time. We heard some great preaching, had great conversations, and made some new friends. After Thabiti Anyabwile’s message a number of people from, and outside of, our group were interested in my take on what was said. I thought I’d share my thoughts here as well.

The entire conference, like Thabiti’s message, was very clear about three things. 1) The gospel and our mission must be clear and central, 2) as the church we must live counter-culturally, and 3) cultural engagement is inherently risky/dangerous. I affirm all of this, but would also want to say a little more.

Read the whole thing.

More engagement in this vein would be a very good thing for the ongoing conversation.

I also appreciated this comment from Joe in the comments section:

I went into conference wanting to receive everything I could, and therefore found a lot. Had I gone in more defensive I believe I would have benefited less.

A lesson I’m still trying to learn.