Jared Wilson:

One waitress [in Louisville at T4G] told us that one party she waited on left her a $7 tip on an $80 bill but also left one of those fake million-dollar-bill gospel tracts. Another got “Way of the Master”ed while she served a table. She was in tears relating this to another pastor, who ministered to her more gently. I abominate whoever left the fake money tract. The lines for service were long last week, so there was a lot of sighing and eye rolling and short temperedness from Christians who forgot they were there to serve.

Good point (though I don’t think you need to “abominate” someone to wish they wouldn’t do stuff like this). As a former waiter (Applebee’s), I can identify with the post-church or post-Wednesday-night-service crowd sometimes having the unenviable combination of demanding expectations with low grace and lower tips!

In the comments of Jared’s post, a guy named Philip has a better suggestion on relating to waiters and waitresses:

Best way to “witness” to a waiter/waitress I’ve ever seen is this:

1. Be friendly. Tell them you will be praying before your meal, Ask if you can pray for them. If body language, tone of voice and time permits, ask if there is anything specific.

2. Pray for them.

3. Leave a good tip.

And that’s it. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. You’ll be amazed at how many actual opportunities to minister to people in Jesus’ name comes from this.