David Powlison: “Depression and Suffering: Finding Hope and Healing for Ourselves and Others”

David Powlison, executive director of CCEF, gave a public talk at RTS Charlotte on January 18, 2016, addressing the topic of depression and suffering, offering counsel on finding hope and healing for ourselves and others.

You can watch it below:

Here is a brief outline of the talk:

1. Katharina von Schlegel, “Be Still, My Soul”

2. Five Questions on the Experience of Depression

  • Is “depression” the best word to use?
  • Is the experience essentially biological?
  • Is the experience essentially sinful?
  • What are the various factors that can come into play in this experience?
  • If there is no neat explanation or simple fix, then where is our point of contact for understanding this experience?

3. Psalm 25 and the Questions Strugglers Face

  • “Do I need help?”
  • “Do I trust you?”
  • “Will I be honest with you?”
  • “Do you understand me?”
  • “Will I consider what you say to me?”
  • “Will I take to heart what you say?”
  • “Will I act?”
  • “Will I persevere?”

4. The Heart of People Helping People: 2 Corinthians 1:4

  • The surprise of humility
  • The surprise of caring
  • The surprise of good questions
  • The surprise of careful listening
  • The surprise of relevance
  • The surprise of grace
  • The surprise of small obediences
  • The surprise of patient process

5. Edith Cherry, “We Rest on Thee”

For more resources on Christians battling depressions, go here.