An Interview with Lecrae and Trip Lee


A couple of months ago (November 8, 2010) I had the privilege of sitting down with Lecrae and Trip Lee of Reach Records to talk about their stories, their music, their theology, and their future. I’ve written more about these guys here.

We talked for about 50 minutes. You can watch the video below. (Many thanks to Jon Marshall and Josh Dennis for doing all the video and editing work for us!) Below that I’ve included a “table of contents.”

For those interested, Lecrae’s new album, The Overdose, becomes available January 11. And here’s a blog post from Trip explaining that he’s taking a break from music to become an intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

00:00—3:35 // Trip’s testimony 3:35—9:00 // Lecrae’s testimony 9:00—12:35 // Trip’s path from conversion to today 12:35—16:20 // Lecrae’s path from conversion to today 16:20—17:45 // Lecrae on Reach Records and Reach Life as soundtrack and resources for the movement 17:45—21:35 // Trip on hip-hop as an in-your-face content-heavy art form 21:35—25:11 // Lecrae gives an example of content-packing from “Don’t Waste Your Life” 25:11—27:15 // Lecrae on the origins of Christian rap 27:15—28:57 // Lecrae on the poetical elements of the genre 28:57—30:00 // Trip gives an example from his songs 30:00—32:50 // Lecrae on Reformed theology and race relations 32:50—33:55 // Trip on the diversity of their audience 33:55—36:40 // Lecrae and Trip on being an indigenous missionaries to the urban culture and Reformed theology 36:40—38:00 // Trip on what’s next for him in the next five years 38:00—41:55 // Lecrae on what’s next for him and the opportunities ahead in the cities 41:55—46:20 // Trip and Lecrae on the need to deflect adulation from fans 46:20—47:15 // Trip on Christian hip-hop as one stream of the Reformed resurgence 47:15—49:05 // Lecrae on how folks can be praying for them

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