Sam Storms’ new book is called Tough Topics: Biblical Answers to 25 Challenging Questions. Here they are:

1 Is the Bible Inerrant?
2 What Is Open Theism?
3 Does God Ever Change His Mind?
4 Could Jesus Have Sinned?
5 What Did Jesus Mean When He Said, “Judge Not, that You Be Not Judged”?
6 What Is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
7 Does the Bible Teach the Doctrine of Original Sin?
8 Are Those Who Die in Infancy Saved?
9 Will People Be Condemned for Not Believing in Jesus though They’ve Never Heard His Name?
10 What Can We Know about Angels?
11 What Can We Know about Satan?
12 What Can We Know about Demons?
13 Can a Christian Be Demonized?
14 Does Satan Assign Demons to Specific Geopolitical Regions?
Are There Territorial Spirits?
15 Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?
16 Does Hebrews Teach that Christians Can Apostatize?
17 Will There Be Sex in Heaven?
18 Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?
19 What Is Baptism in the Spirit, and When Does It Happen?
20 Should All Christians Speak in Tongues?
21 What Was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?
22 Is There Healing in the Atonement?
23 Why Doesn’t God Always Heal the Sick?
24 What Is Legalism?
25 Are Christians Obligated to Tithe?

One distinctive of the book is that the answers are not short, pithy summaries. Storms treats the questions with respect and gives in-depth answers based upon God’s Word.

By the way, don’t feel badly if you turn to chapter 17 first. Storms writes:

My guess is that when you first picked up this book, scanned the table of contents to see what tough topics I planned on addressing, and saw the title to this chapter, you turned here first, ignoring questions about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and whether you should tithe! I know human nature well enough (including myself!) to realize that the question of whether there will be sex in heaven is of far more interest than any or all of the other topics this book examines. So don’t feel bad or guilty if this is the first chapter you read. Trust me, you’re in good company!

Gregg Allison of Southern Seminary writes about the book:

Let’s face it, the church has not always done the best possible job at fielding the hard questions posed to it by both skeptics and members.

In the case of the first group, skeptics end up discounting Christianity, dismissing it as irrational, head-in-the-sand religious fanaticism.

In the case of the second group, members become frustrated with the Christian faith and often drift away from what they have found to be a shallow, inconsistent, and quite unsatisfying worldview.

Sam Storms is a leader whom the Lord has wonderfully gifted not only to answer the tough questions, but also to provide an accessible resource for Christian leaders to be better prepared to engage skeptics and church members who wrestle with these issues rather than to rebuff them and discount their difficulties.

Sam’s passion is to deal with twenty-five of the most challenging questions you will ever face, and to do it in such a way that you become convinced of the answers and are prepared to offer help to others who face them as well.

He accomplishes this goal, not by offering his own good ideas and the best of human counsel, but by relying on the wisdom of God as found in Scripture.

You can download an excerpt of the book, or browse it below: