The Bible Is Unbreakable


I was recently meeting with a friend who is investigating Christianity, and he said something that really got my attention. In the midst of our Bible study he reluctantly asked if all of his questions about the Scripture were ok.

As I listened I realized what was happening. He is becoming more fond of the Bible. He is reading and interacting with it. He is learning. At the same time he is a deep thinker. In order for him to be all in and submit to what the Bible says then he must be sure it is true. He wondered if it was ok to ask so many questions.

We talked about the nature of the questions. The Bible provides answers for honest questions related to what it covers. But we also talked about the perseverance of the Word of God. God has preserved his Word through centuries of attack by those who would seek to discredit it. And this should be such a great encouragement to us, not only in evangelism but also in our own Christian walk.

Personally, I like to take care of and try to preserve valuable things. In our home with six kids, I am often stepping in to make sure that the kids don’t break or damage something by throwing a ball, a pillow, or one another in a wrestling match. But with the Bible it is a little bit different, not because I value the Bible any less but because it is actually unbreakable. I told my friend, “Go ahead, play as hard as you want with it. You won’t break it. You can’t.”

I remember as a non-Christian myself attempting to “break it” only to find it breaking me. What a glorious book! I thought I was reading it, but again it was reading me. I began in judgment of it only to find it was judging me. But even more than that, it provided me the truth that there is a means of rescue from non other than the God whom I feared. What a peerless book indeed!

Go ahead, encourage your unbelieving friends to play as hard as they want with it; they can’t break it.

[photo via Shutterstock]