Ruth- Under the Wings of God

It is interesting to consider the way in which God gifts and shapes individuals for his glory. John Piper is one of those guys whom God has uniquely outfitted with the ability to understand biblical truth and then articulate it in a clear, understandable, creative, and weighty manner. We see this in his preaching and writing ministry. But this gifting also takes another shape. It combines a passion for the glory of God and the desire to get or see that glory with the ability to be poetic. Piper’s poetry is good poetry. But even more, it is good poetry that is good for you.

Crosssway recently published a poem that explains the story of how Ruth came into God’s story. The interesting part of all of this is that it is a conversation between Obed, who would have been Ruth and Boaz’ son. The conversation is between a now aged Boaz and his grandson David. David of course, is the great king of Israel. It is in this that Piper pastorally and poetically brings in the big picture of Ruth and all of Scripture. David is important because he is the one who receives God’s promise that from his seed a great and eternal king will reign (2 Sam 7). Therefore, when Jesus comes as the Son of David, he comes as both the incarnation and the goal of God’s promises. To point us to this grand theme of Scripture is a great service to our souls and one that is too often neglected when writing books on Old Testament characters.

It is in Piper’s creative poetry and biblical fidelity that we find a useful union for believers of all ages. However, I am thinking that young children would be particularly drawn to this book. This is a creative way to draw them into the big picture of the Bible. Furthermore, you have all sorts of themes emerging from both the poetry and the text. For example, the book touches on race (how God is gracious and desires to show mercy to all peoples), providence (how God’s workings are both mysterious and good), sexual purity (Boaz’ quiet stand for purity in the open fields with a woman), divine faithfulness (God makes and keeps promises to his people), and marvelous grace (God giving much to a woman who is undeserving). What else do you need?

The book is hardcover with 96 pages. It is also fully illustrated to help ‘paint the picture.’

The book is a good and creative read that you will no doubt enjoy.

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