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We live in the most blessed generation ever when it comes to accessibility to the Word of God. I’m incredibly grateful. I’m also thankful for a special gift God has lavished on the church—teachers like Peter Williams. The CEO of Tyndale House in Cambridge is the kind of guy who loves languages. I have it on good authority that he’s actually eaten his morning porridge while reading a Coptic version of the Bible for his quiet time. He writes books like Studies in the Syntax of the Peshitta of 1 Kings and serves as a member of the translation committee of the English Standard Version.
Williams has given his life to helping people understand the original languages and to instilling confidence in God’s holy Word. His training and his heart made him the ideal candidate for serving 300 people from the Phoenix area earlier this year. At a regional conference hosted by TGC Arizona, Williams joined Wayne Grudem, John Meade, and John DelHousaye of Phoenix Seminary to help us consider the human agent’s role in writing, collecting, protecting, and disseminating the Scriptures. (Watch the talks here.)
I sat down with Williams and asked him some practical questions about how we ought to think about Scripture. Watch the full 25-minute video below, or simply click to hear individual responses to the following questions: