P&R graciously gave TGC permission to host PDFs of Don Carson’s two chapters in this new book:

Richard D. Phillips and Gabriel N. E. Fluhrer, eds. These Last Days: A Christian View of History. Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed, 2011.

The book publishes the spring 2010 addresses at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology.

Here are Carson’s two chapters:

1. “This Present Evil Age” (pp. 17–37) explains Revelation 12:

  • The Rage of Satan
  • The Woman and Her Worthy Son
  • Trial and Triumph in the Wilderness
  • Gospel Sufficiency
  • Christians Overcoming
    • by the blood of the Lamb
    • by the word of their testimony
    • by not shrinking back, even from death itself

2. “Partakers of the Age to Come” (pp. 89–106) surveys Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

  • Over- and Under-Realized Eschatologies
    • “over-realized eschatology”: You think that you have more of the blessings from the future now than you actually do.
    • “under-realized eschatology”: You really don’t appreciate what you have in your possession.
  • Partakers of the Age to Come (Eph 1:3–14)
  • How Paul Prays (Eph 1:15–23)
  • How God Provides
    • God provides for partakers of the age to come in our utter transformation in anticipation of the end (Eph 2:1–10).
    • God creates a new humanity in anticipation of the end (Eph 2:11–21).
    • God provides for the partakers of the age to come in that he discloses his concealed purposes in anticipation of the end (Eph 3:1–13).
    • God does more than we ask or imagine and thereby elicits prayer from us in anticipation of the end (Eph 3:14–21).
    • God builds truth and unity into his body in anticipation of the end (Eph 4:1–6:9).
    • God equips and arms his people in anticipation of the end (Eph 6:10–20).

And here’s the book’s table of contents: