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Coalición por el Evangelio is pleased to announce the launch of our new free Spanish learning platform: Cursos Coalición, based on the TGC Courses platform.

This is our most recent effort to meet a need amid an awakening to sound doctrine in the Spanish-speaking world—the need for faithful, free theological resources that equip the church. Cursos Coalición is a platform where every Spanish-speaking believer can study God’s Word in depth, apply it, and lead others to do the same. This is a tool not only for personal study, but also for small groups and Sunday school.

We currently have 34 courses available on various topics, including work and vocation, marriage and family, apologetics and philosophy, biblical doctrine, and more. These courses have been selected, organized, and published by the Coalición team, working in conjunction with TGC.

In coming weeks we will publish more courses as we continue to partner with churches and ministries to grow the content library. We are collaborating with ministries and churches recognized for their fidelity to the Word and service to the church, such as Integridad y Sabiduría, Ligonier, Third Millennium, and Iglesia Bíblica del Señor Jesucristo.

TGC Courses has already exceeded 500,000 users in one year. In Spanish, nothing like Cursos Coalición exists. We’re hopeful that, with all the material to be added, this platform will influence an even greater number of Spanish-speaking believers around the world. We thank God for this platform and pray it will bless his people. We invite you to share it with your Spanish-speaking friends as we continue praying for a revival in our lands.