Probably no book published in the last decade has been so ambitious as Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age. In it, Taylor seeks nothing less than to account for the spread of secularism and decline of faith in the last 500 years. And he explains why so many Christians struggle to believe, let alone share the gospel in a rapidly changing culture.

Now a remarkable roster of writers considers Taylor’s insights for the church’s life and mission in The Gospel Coalition’s Our Secular Age: Ten Years of Reading and Applying Charles Taylor. Nothing is easy about faith today. But through Christ, we know that endurance produces character, and character produces hope, even in our secular age.

Contributors include:

  • Collin Hansen, “Hope in Our Secular Age”
  • Carl Trueman, “Taylor’s Complex, Incomplete Historical Narrative”
  • Michael Horton, “The Enduring Power of the Christian Story: Reformation Theology for a Secular Age”
  • John Starke, “Preaching to the Secular Age”
  • Derek Rishmawy, “Millennial Belief in the Super-Nova”
  • Alastair Roberts, “Liturgical Piety”
  • Brett McCracken, “Church Shopping with Charles Taylor”
  • Bruce Riley Ashford, “Politics and Public Life in a Secular Age”
  • Greg Forster, “Free Faith: Inventing New Ways of Believing and Living Together”
  • Jen Pollock Michel, “Whose Will Be Done? Human Flourishing in the Secular Age”
  • Bob Cutillo, “The Healing Power of Bodily Presence”
  • Alan Noble, “The Disruptive Witness of Art”
  • Mike Cosper, “Piercing the Immanent Frame with an Ultralight Beam: Kanye and Charles Taylor”


Our Secular Age is now available on Amazon and WTS Books.