College campuses are abuzz with energy and anticipation this week as another fall semester begins. My life was changed in college; in fact, there’s a decent chance yours was, too. The Lord Jesus loves to invade hearts and transform lives during the college years.

Here are a few articles (and one panel discussion) we’ve published at TGC related to the challenges and joys of campus ministry.

The Freshman 15 (Jeff Brewer)

Here are 15 ways incoming freshmen (or upperclassmen for that matter) can seek to glorify God as they head off to college this month.

5 Necessary Shifts for Missional College Ministry (Stephen Lutz)

In college ministry, it’s no longer enough to attract a crowd. We need a willingness to change our methods in order to introduce people to Jesus Christ. Here are five changes you can start making today.

5 More Shifts for Missional College Ministry (Stephen Lutz)

Here are five more shifts that you can start implementing today.

9 Keys to Reaching College Students (J. D. Greear and Rupert Leary)

We learned the following nine lessons along the way as our college ministry grew and flourished in an area that features many prominent universities.

Church and the College Years (Jon Nielson)

So how will you deal with church during your college years? Let me offer a few words of encouragement and exhortation as this school year begins.

Like Families and Soccer Teams: Church and Parachurch (Brian Strider)

If a local church is a family, a campus ministry is a soccer team. Here are 10 reasons why parachurch staff should be deeply invested members of churches.

4 Reasons You Should Invest in College-Age Christians (Jon Nielson)

Don’t overlook the college students in your midst. Love them, train them, involve them, and launch them out for service in the world. Here are four reasons why gospel ministry to 18- to 23-year-olds is so crucial.

Preparing College Students for Graduation (Kevin DeYoung)

We do our students no favors when we do everything to meet them where they are instead of taking them where they need to go. Here’s what I hope the college students in my church will be like when they land somewhere else.

Five Keys to Effective College Ministry (Rupert Leary)

As I’ve worked with college students for more than 20 years as apart of the local church, I would like to suggest five key components or best practices we’ve seen great returns on.

Why College Ministry Needs the Local Church (Jackie Knapp)

For the last few years I’ve had the privilege of working for a church that prioritizes campus ministry. Here are four reasons why a church is so helpful in the life of college students.

College Ministry: Because Real Life Begins Now! (TGC13 Workshop) (J. D. Greear, Rupert Leary, Jon Nielson)

Many churches struggle with how to best reach college students. Do we build another “youth group” experience for them? Do we fold them into the life of entire church? How do we promote maturing faith? As church leaders we need a biblical model of ministry that will prepare college students for lives of gospel ministry and leadership in the church of Jesus Christ.