What Book Would You Give to a Skeptic?

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In this video, David Platt recommends two books besides the Bible for those who want to honestly consider the claims of Christianity.

The following is a lightly edited transcript; before quoting, please check against the video.

I would recommend two books outside of the Bible to somebody who’s really struggling or wrestling through questions like, “Is the Bible true? Is Jesus true? Are his teachings true? Is this something I should believe?”

The first would be John Stott’s little book called Why I Am a Christian, which is really helpful. I recommend it to a variety of friends, and as we’ve walked through that little book together, it’s been awesome to see God open people’s eyes to the truth of his love for them in Jesus.

The second would be Tim Keller’s The Reason for God, an excellent book that really helps us think through questions not just about Christianity, but questions about faith and our lives that all of us need to ask. Even if you are a pretty committed non-Christian, I would encourage you to read that book just to make sure you’re thinking through some questions that I think we all need to ask. And when we ask those questions, I think people will be surprised how they lead us to the truth of Jesus and God’s love for us in him.