Jeremy Treat: Why You Should Believe in Jesus

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Editors’ note: 

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In this video, Jeremy Treat shows how Jesus makes sense of this world with all of its beauty and brokenness.

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I think the gospel makes sense of the world that we live in, both in its beauty and in its brokenness. I mean, everybody knows that there’s something wrong with the world. But all you’re going to hear in our culture is that what’s wrong is out there, it’s someone on the other side of the line, it’s someone on the other side of the fence. But the diagnosis of Scripture, although difficult to receive, is actually comforting because it helps us understand what’s going on.

When I realize the problem is in here, in my heart, in our hearts, that when we run from God, when we separate ourselves from the very source of goodness that we experience the tension, the brokenness, the pain that comes from not living with our very Creator. But not only does the gospel make sense of the brokenness of the world, it gives us hope in showing us the beauty of God’s grace in Christ.

And this is the remarkable message of the gospel. I mean, most kings destroy those who rebel against them. God takes those who are rebels and makes them sons and daughters, and gives them a place at his banqueting table. This is incredible. And the message of the gospel is different than anything this world has ever heard.

Every other religion is about how we ascend to God through our works. The gospel is about how God has come to us in grace, that he comes as a rescuer, as a Savior, as our King. And the gospel makes sense of our lives. And that’s not just intellectual, it’s personal. Sometimes it’s at the difficult parts of life where you realize, when you have nothing, that Jesus is everything.