Should Christian Parents Send Their Children to Public Schools?

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Christian parents are right to give significant thought to where and how they educate their children.

For many, the decision involves not only faith convictions but also financial realities and other factors. Why, or why not, should Christian parents have their children attend public schools? And if not, what are the best arguments for investing in a nonpublic education option (Christian private, homeschool, private classical school, and so on)? Whatever parents decide, how might they compensate for the downsides of their choice?

These and other related questions are addressed in this debate between Jen Wilkin and Jonathan Pennington. Wilkin and Pennington share their arguments and engage in a discussion moderated by Jim Davis, teaching pastor at Orlando Grace Church.

Editors’ note: 

This debate is part of TGC’s Good Faith Debates series. When we keep the gospel central, we can disagree on lesser but still important matters in good faith. In the Good Faith Debates, we hope to model this—showing it’s possible for two Christians united around the gospel to engage in winsome, charitable conversation even amid substantive disagreement.