Front Row Seat: Hearing from Pastors

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“Are you loved and kept by Jesus?” This was what ran through Tom Olson’s mind when he knew he was called to be a pastor and thought about the woman he would marry one day. He wasn’t looking for someone who felt called to be a “pastor’s wife,” he wanted to marry someone who was called to follow and be loved by Jesus. Brad Wetherell remembers his days in seminary when wise brothers would pray alongside him to find a wife that was called to love and follow Christ—a “partner in ministry.”

For the past nine episodes of Front Row Seat, we’ve heard encouragement and wisdom from pastors’ wives on topics like nourishing our marriages, raising pastors’ kids, cultivating deep relationships, and more. This time, we’ve invited the pastors themselves to join us for a conversation, and we encourage you to invite your husband along too.

For the final episode of this season of Front Row Seat, Kristen Wetherell and Kari Olson are joined by their husbands, Brad Wetherell and Tom Olson, who serve as campus pastors at The Orchard. They discuss the importance of being partners in ministry as a couple, how seminary students can invite their wives into their learning, following God’s calling together, and how to prioritize each other amid the busyness of raising children and caring for those within the local church.

Episode time stamps: 

  • Introduction to Tom Olson and Brad Wetherell (00:00)
  • Pastors’ wives and seminary (6:46)
  • Don’t leave your wife behind (9:11)
  • How to find the right dynamic (12:35)
  • Using your unique gifts to serve (16:12)
  • Pastoring and leading your family well (17:45)
  • Being aware of our dependence on the Lord (20:40)
  • Engage vs. disengage (22:26)
  • Keep taking your wife out on dates (24:16)
  • Standing fast in the Lord (28:20)
  • Importance of prioritizing one another (30:08)
  • Giving your best pastorally and in marriage (33:07)
  • Praying for the power of words and God’s Word (36:39)
Editors’ note: 

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