Jesus’s teachings were striking and memorable, not only because he used a variety of teachings methods but more so because of what he taught, that he was the incarnate, divine Lord who had brought his heavenly kingdom to earth and that the rules of this kingdom were much different from the rules of the kingdoms of earth.


Jesus was known for his teachings because of the methods that he used and the message that he preached. Throughout his teaching ministry, Jesus used a variety of methods that made his teachings both striking and memorable, understandable and provoking. These methods included many well-known methods of his day, as well as qualities that we are still familiar with—poetry, proverbs, exaggeration, parables, similes, riddles, and paradoxes. However, what set his teachings apart from others was the message that they contained. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God had come, and that he, as the incarnate and divine Lord, was its ruler. This kingdom challenged the standards of the kingdoms of men and called its citizens to live in radically different ways.




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