The faithfulness of God is his attribute that displays his trustworthiness based on his unwavering commitment to his people through his promises and covenants that find their ultimate fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ.


What we notice from the beginning of all things is that our God is a relational God. Out of his overflowing love, he created all things and committed himself in a covenantal relationship with his creation (Gen 1-2). However, because of the entrance of sin (Gen 3) the people of God do not faithfully commit themselves to this covenant-keeping, promise-keeping God. Still, God proves himself to be trustworthy and faithful to his people over and over again. How can this be? How can a righteous and holy God continue to remain faithful to his people who constantly turn their backs on him? Where will this relationship end up? Will there be any resolution to this? This essay seeks to address these questions and demonstrate the nature of our God who is faithful to his wayward people even to the point of embracing and absorbing the penalty of their sin of faithlessness in himself through the death of his son, Jesus Christ.



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