This episode of TGC Q&A with Rachel Gilson is the second in a five-week series titled, “Gen Z’s Questions About Christianity.” Gilson answers four important questions about sexuality and gender identity.

She discusses:

  • The negative temptation of sexual desire (0:00)
  • Loving those who identify as LGBT while remaining true to biblical beliefs (3:06)
  • Leading with the gospel of grace (4:11)
  • Invite, listen, protect, and invest (5:10)
  • Referring to a transgender person by their desired pronoun (6:23)
  • Struggling with sexuality and maintaining faith (9:30)
  • Confession, conviction, and comfort (10:43)
  • God’s Spirit, God’s Word, and God’s people (12:26)

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Rachel’s recommended resources:

Editors’ note: 

For more of Rachel Gilson’s reflections on sexuality and gender identity, check out TGC’s new book, Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church, where Rachel contributed a chapter entitled, “Sex: Telling a Better Story.” Available now in the TGC Store.