Editors’ note: 

Please listen with discretion as this episode references sensitive topics, including sexual assault.

In this episode of TGC Q&A, Dr. Haywood Robinson joins us for the second installment of our four-part sanctity of life series, relaying his own story of being redeemed from a career of performing abortions. He shares insightful answers to medical questions related to pro-life issues.

Dr. Robinson addresses:

  • Being found by Jesus (1:32)
  • 40 Days for Life (2:33)
  • His spiritual transformation (5:56)
  • Reconciling his career with his faith (10:47)
  • Whether there are permissible reasons for abortion (12:16)
  • Scientific and medical implications of abortion (17:03)
  • Encouragement for believers upholding the sanctity of life (20:36)

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