In this third episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series, Dr. Bob Cutillo answers the question, “Can protecting my health become an idol?” He addresses:

  • What are signs that I’ve made an idol out of pursuing health? (1:40)
  • Health as a possession versus a gift (2:40)
  • Health as an end versus a means to an end (4:44)
  • Anxiety in regard to health (6:33)
  • Health and a Christian view of suffering (7:45)
  • In what ways does faith intersect with providing the best medical care? (9:15)
  • How do I avoid being ruled by fear of getting sick—especially in this pandemic? Is my increased fear normal? (11:57)
  • Fear as a normal reaction (12:22)
  • God’s work to make us whole (13:48)
  • Fighting fear with faith (16:01)
  • A warning against arrogance and a story of sacrifice (17:15)

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