On the Gospelbound podcast, we often discuss what’s wrong in the world and the challenges for the church. But because of the gospel, there’s always hope. God’s always working. Even in the rubble, you can find defiant new growth poking through the rocks.

A similar hope can be seen in seminary education. One of the greatest success stories can be found in Kansas City at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The president there is Jason Allen, and under his leadership, the school has grown in enrollment and resources and in quality of education. We shouldn’t take this good news for granted, because it’s not the case at most schools. It’s exciting to consider what this turnaround means for generations of churches in the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond.

Jason says that “never before in the history of the church has theological education been so accessible—and so needed.” And he joined me on Gospelbound to discuss his new book, Succeeding at Seminary: 12 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Your Theological Education (Moody).

In this episode, we talk about the promise and peril of online education, why students should still consider residential relocation, and how you know if you’re really ready for this momentous step.


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