Proverbs 31 ends with a famous description of the woman who fears the Lord. But do you remember Proverbs 31 starts with an exhortation for men? Proverbs 31 commends men who do justice—men of wisdom, self-control, and courage.

In his new book, The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character (Baker), Jon Tyson writes:

Men who use their energy like this, courageous men, wise men, self-controlled men, just men—these kinds of men are the need of the hour. Foundational values in your son’s life may lay the foundation for a renewed society.

Tyson’s book equips intentional fathers to help their sons reach their redemptive potential. These fathers view their task as a calling from God and raise sons with all their might. He writes, “The goal is to help young men fulfill their God given values of being conformed into the image of Jesus.”

That’s easier said than done at a time when boys grow up learning life should be easy, they’re important, life is about them, they should try to control everything, and they can live forever. When the world is telling you otherwise, how do you learn to embrace difficulty, care for others, surrender to a greater cause, and live for eternity? Tyson’s book can help. He points us to a God who embraced difficulty with us, who emptied himself, who lived for others, who surrendered to the will of his Father, and looked ahead to eternal rewards.

Tyson is a pastor and church planter in New York City who moved to the United States from Australia more than two decades ago. He joined me on Gospelbound to discuss The Intentional Father and also his 2020 book, Beautiful Resistance: The Joy of Conviction in a Culture of Compromise (Multnomah). Much as he argues for the family, Tyson commends small, thick communities that will endure for generations amid temptations to compromise. You’ll also recognize this Gospelbound theme:

All great revivals have taken place in times of decline. Resurrection is found among the dead. I want to call you to resist compromise when your friends tell you your faith is too intense, your devotion unnecessary, your life together too much.

I enjoyed my conversation with Jon about fatherhood, risk, discipleship, and more.