Do you feel tired of fighting the same racial battles over and over?

Tired of waiting for the next racial controversy?

Tired of more hostility and animosity?

Tired of the same old ideologies that don’t work?

Tired of the same arguments and getting nothing done?

George Yancey is tired.

But not so tired to give up hope.

That’s why he wrote Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism (IVP). Yancey describes colorblindness as a path that goes nowhere and antiracism as a path full of dangerous animals. As an alternative, he proposes mutual accountability. He believes this approach (contrary to colorblindness) will produce a group that wants to address and not ignore unfair racial outcomes. This group also realizes antiracism polarizes instead of producing sustainable change. These are “my people,” Yancey writes. The big question we must struggle with today, Yancey argues, is this: “How do we recover from our history of racial abuse in ways most of us consider to be fair?”

He joined me on Gospelbound to discuss why he’s skeptical of activism and protest, why he doesn’t call America racist, why diversity training doesn’t work, and why he thinks we need unity before justice, among other topics.