Elections have consequences, but not nearly as much as we probably think. That’s what I concluded after reading David Platt’s new book, Before You Vote: Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask, published by Radical.

Here’s a sober dose of biblical reality from Platt in the book: “Even if we lose every freedom and protection we have as followers of Jesus in the United States, and even if our government were to become a completely totalitarian regime, we could still live in abundant life as long as we didn’t look to political leaders, platforms, or policies for our ultimate security and satisfaction.”

It’s not exactly the way you run fundraising and “get out the vote” operations in today’s American politics, but Platt’s book includes lots of countercultural advice, saturated with biblical references on humility, freedom, and duty, along with his characteristic perspective informed by the global church.

Platt serves as lead pastor of McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia, a congregation where employment for many depends on the outcome of the November elections. David joins me on Gospelbound to discuss voting, abortion, and President Trump’s visit to McLean Bible Church.

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