Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

Misconceptions about the small, forgotten places of the world abound today. On the one hand, rural communities can be seen as idyllic, utopian communities where life moves slowly and people are friendly. On the other, they can be viewed as places where people are uneducated, “stuck in the past,” and not worthy of much attention.

Such notions are unfounded and unhelpful. We can and must view the small places of the world with both realism and also gospel hope. Small towns across the globe are broken because they are filled, even if sparsely, with sinners like you and me. And these small, forgotten places need healthy churches.

That’s why we care about planting churches in rural communities across the world. But this is no easy task. What will it take to see healthy churches planted in rural communities? What are the unique challenges involved?

To discuss these things and more, I’m excited to have David Pinckney with me on the podcast today.

Listen to this episode of Churches Planting Churches.