Jesus and Justice

Why We Must Love Our Neighbors in Word and Deed

Stream or download the audio recording from this breakout panel titled Jesus and Justice: Why We Must Love Our Neighbors in Word and Deed with Jason Cook, Kevin DeYoung, Phillip Holmes, and Darryl Williamson that was delivered at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though the broader secular culture often talks about justice in terms of politics and social policy, Jesus talks about addressing the hurts of victims and the marginalized as an expression of love. In this conversation we explored the biblical and gospel roots of how loving our culturally, economically, and ethnically marginalized neighbors is basic to what it means to love like Jesus. We also emphasized what churches and individual Christians can do to pursue restorative justice in a way that flows from the gospel. The discussion also considered objections made against Christians who perceive that concerns about social injustice distract from our calling to proclaim the gospel, fleshing out the relationship between the gospel and justice.