Continuity & Discontinuity

How Similar or Different Might Life on the New Earth Be to Our Present Lives?

It’s the tendency of most evangelicals to speak only of “Heaven,” not the New Earth. Many think of it as a place so dissimilar to the present earth that it would be better called “the NON-Earth.” This workshop will explore the biblical indications of similarities and dissimilarities between our present body and resurrected [new] body, then extrapolate that to the relationship between the present earth and the resurrected [New] Earth. We’ll also look at the issue of literal and figurative interpretation of the Eden-like prophecies of the New Earth, as well as Revelation 21-22. Finally, we’ll address how our view of an eternally rich and full life of relationships and joyful worship and service on a resurrected earth can motivate us now to follow Christ radically, enjoy the riches of creation, give freely, and happily forgo items on our bucket lists, all for the glory of God. We’ll also consider the value of New Earth “eternal life lists” over old earth bucket lists.