Today is the official release date for This Is Our Time. 

I am grateful for those of you who read my blog regularly and share my articles with others. I wrote this book for you and for the people around you who might benefit from its message.

Too many times, in our outlook on the world we fall into the categories of “lie-detector Christians” or “complimentary Christians.”

  • The lie-detectors are able to easily spot what is wrong with the prevailing myths and worldviews of our time, but don’t connect the world’s beliefs and habits back to the deeper longings that only God can fulfill.
  • The complimentary Christians focus on the deeper longings but rarely expose falsehood, which merely baptizes worldly thought in Christian words.

To be faithful in this time, we must be able to see both the longings and the lies in the dominant worldviews and practices of our society.

We need to shine the light of the gospel on the stories that animate our beliefs and practices, so that lies are exposed and longings are satisfied. We must be able to say not only “this is right and this is wrong,” but also “the gospel is better.”

If you would like to help us launch the book well, I ask you to pick up two copies of This Is Our Time, available now in a number of places, including LifeWay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book Distributors, Books a Million, Mardel, and so on. (It is also available on ChristianAudio.com.)

Please get a copy for yourself and one for someone that you believe will benefit from this book. You may or may not know who that person is until you read This is Our Time for yourself, and that’s fine. But I trust that those of you who read my writing on a regular basis will know of others who would benefit from this work.

All I can say in response is Thank You.

Thank you for praying for me while I labored over these words. Thank you for reading my work online and in print, for offering feedback, and for helping sharpen my skills. Thank you for believing this book is going to be good enough to read and share. I can’t wait to hear what you all think!