A number of folks were kind enough to swing by and leave comments on my reflections on The Legacy Disciple-Making Conference.  One brother suggested I post some of the lyrics from some of the artists in the holy hip hop movement–an idea I’m happy to pursue.

The first song I want to post comes from my brother Shai Linne.  It’s called “Triune Praise.”  The reason I want to post this one first has a lot to do with why the person leaving the suggestion wanted me to post some lyrics.  I’ve seen Shai do this song twice, I think, once at Together for the Gospel 2010 and once at Worship God ’09.  At any rate, after both performances I had white people well into their 60s or above approach me to tell me how much they were edified and encouraged with the lyrics; that they didn’t know the music was so rich; and that they’d be buying albums for themselves and their grandchildren.

For me, it spoke volumes about the ability of the music to cross natural barriers like age and ethnicity.  And it spoke to the deep desire of God’s people to hear His word and see His glory anywhere it may be found–including hip hop.  One of those older persons is a lady in my church.  I’m particularly grateful whenever someone leaves a deposit in the life of my people.

So, Shai, thanks for what you do, bro.  Keep putting it down.  Without further delay… “Triune Praise” from the cd The Atonement (you need to get this if you don’t already have it!)  The video from T4G is below.

Triune Praise
written by shai linne

Verse 1
Praise God the Father, the Immortal Creator
For Your glory you made us, You’re the Sovereign Orchestrator
All that You decree will most surely come to happen
You’re awesome as can be and Your glory none can fathom
Nothing could ever stain You, the heavens can’t contain You
We thank You for sending Your Son to explain You
Otherwise we would have remained in the dark
but You sent Your Holy Spirit to spark a change in our hearts
According to Your eternal purpose and will
You determined to reveal Yourself to those who deserve to be killed
Those of us whom You foreknew adore You
We praise You that You predestined us to be conformed to
The image of Your Son who’s the radiance of Your glory
When I meditate on it, the weightiness of it floors me
So Father, we’ll praise you over and over again
Because You sent Your only Son to atone for our sins


Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son,
Glory to The Spirit- Three and Yet One
One in Your essence, Three in Your Person
The same in Your nature, distinct in Your working
Oh my soul- behold the wonder of the Trinity
Blessed be the Trinity, Oh, what a mystery!
I’ll stand amazed for the rest of my days
Pouring out my heart in Triune praise

Verse 2

Praise God the Son, Second Person of the Trinity
You’re distinct from the Father, yet you share in His divinity
Fulfilling an eternal covenant- You came through
To planet earth to save who? All the Father gave You
You became a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief
For the glory of Your Father You extinguished the beef
That stood between us at the cross- the Father’s anger released
The Shepherd slain for the sheep, the situation is deep
I can’t find the right language to speak, in fact it’s making me weep-
Just the thought of You saving this creep
You’re risen from the dead, I still can’t get this in my head,
How the Judge could leave the bench and go to prison instead
Lord Jesus, you’re amazing, Your bleeding is what saved men
It’s the reason why we’re praising, can’t wait to see Your face
In the meantime, please help us to see You as colossal
And by the Spirit live lives worthy of the gospel


Verse 3

Praise God the Holy Spirit, 3rd person of the Trinity
Distinct from Father and Son, yet share in Their divinity
Holy Spirit we praise You, You don’t like the spotlight
You’d rather point away from yourself and give props to Christ
But yet because You’re God, You deserve veneration
And You’re the One responsible for our regeneration
You apply the finished work of Christ to all the elect
Your call is effectual- You haven’t lost one yet
You comfort us when sin, Satan and the world got us bothered
And it’s only by You that we cry out “Abba Father”
You’re the Spirit of adoption, the Spirit of Truth,
You graciously provide Your people with the gifts and the fruit
You help us kill sin and dis-attach us from our idols
If it wasn’t for You, we’d never understand the Bible
Because You wrote it- For our life it will surely suffice
Amazingly, You do it all for the glory of Christ!


Here’s shai at T4G (Can anybody tell me why I can’t embed youtube videos any more?)