I don’t know how long I’d been what’s popularly called a “Calvinist” before I realized some people were afraid of me for being one.  I was bouncing along through the Bible enjoying what I was learning there about God, about myself, about His grace in salvation, and then somewhere along the way someone described me as a “Calvinist.”  I remember asking one brother what he thought about election and predestination; I was just discovering what the Bible taught about those things.  He responded, “Doctor… that’s that Reformed theology stuff.  I don’t mess around with that, man.”  His tone of voice made it sound stinky… or at least sticky and ickey.

Well… I’m happily a “Calvinist,” though I’m pretty sure I’m not what many people afraid of Calvinism think of when they hear the term.  That’s why I really enjoyed Phil Ryken’s piece called, “Hearts Aflame: Reformed Piety.”  In short compass, I think he effectively addresses some common misconceptions and shows why a proper biblical understanding of some key themes should work itself out in vibrant zeal and love for God.  It’s a great short read.

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